At 30 Minute Personal Training, we know that true health and fitness can only be achieved when both your physical activity and your diet are on track. For this reason, we’ve developed a nutritional coaching service that will help you achieve optimum health that has you looking and feeling your best – both inside and out!

Following a healthy diet doesn’t have to be hard. And with the support of our
certified nutritionist, you’ll learn how to develop a balanced relationship with food that will help you achieve optimum health and wellness.

After an initial assessment of your current eating habits, our nutritionist will create a personalised eating plan that’s aimed at helping you achieve your goals, whether that be weight loss, managing food intolerances, or just making better food choices!

Whatever your nutritional needs, we help you gain insight and understanding into the impacts your food choices have on your health. We aim to give you the education and knowledge you need that empowers you to develop strategies and make healthier choices that are right for you – and for your family.

So call us today on 1300 677 745 to inquire about our Nutrition Coaching, and get ready to start looking and feeling your best!