At 30 Minute Personal Training, we believe in a holistic approach to wellness. For this reason, we offer a professional, in-studio massage service to help relieve muscle and joint pain or soreness that may occur as the result of training, or regular daily activity.

Our qualified and highly skilled Massage Therapists offer a professional treatment that aims to relieve any pain or discomfort and promote relaxation. Using a range of techniques, our Massage Therapist will tailor your massage to help alleviate your specific problem.

We can treat pain symptoms occurring in the neck, shoulders, back, gluteals,
hamstrings, calves and more. We can perform muscle stripping, cross-fibre friction and deep-muscle manipulation according to your specific needs and focus on areas of the body particularly affected by rigorous training.

Conveniently based in our private Personal Training Richmond Studio, you can schedule an appointment following your Personal Training Session, or else organise a time to see our therapist that best suits you. Please see below for our affordable prices, with special discounts applicable for 30 Minute Personal Training clients.

Call us today on 1300 677 745 to book a massage appointment, or simply click below!

Walk-Ins Pricing

  • $89 per one-hour massage
  • $49 per 30-minute massage

One Weekly Session 30% off

  • $62 per one-hour massage
  • $35 per 30-minute massage

Personal Training clients 20% off

  • $72 per one-hour massage
  • $39 per 30-minute massage

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