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Welcome to 30 Minute Personal Training

At 30 Minute Personal Training, we believe in matching achievable goals with realistic workouts, so you get the results you want without feeling like you’ve given up on the life you love.

Here at 30 Minute Personal Training, we’re passionate about helping creating
personalised programs that are tailored to each individuals’ needs. After a thorough health and fitness assessment, our experienced Personal Trainers will develop an exercise program that best suits your specific goals, fitness level and exercise preferences. Whether you’re looking to improve your endurance, lose weight, tone up, build muscle, or simply stay fit and healthy, we cater for your needs.

Based in our private Richmond studio, you get the full attention of your trainer for a full 30 minutes, allowing you to get maximum results in minimum time! Our gym comes fully stocked with the latest equipment, allowing for a range of exercise options, including cardiovascular training, boxing, strength training and toning.

30 Minute Personal Training provides a completely holistic health experience.
Alongside our training sessions, we offer nutritional consultations courtesy of our qualified nutritionist, who can create a tailored meal plan to ensure you can reach your goals. And if your muscles are stiff and sore after your workout, you can book a session with our in-house massage therapist, who is qualified in remedial and sports massage techniques.

With years of experience, our highly qualified and certified Personal Trainers will offer you optimum support and guidance, giving you the motivation to push through, even when the going gets tough!

Call us today on 1300 677 745 to claim your 2 free trial sessions and let’s get moving!

The Benefits of Personal Training

Are you sick of slogging it out at the gym day in, day out without seeing results? Are you wasting precious time in packed classes performing incorrect form or gossiping with friends? Then Personal Training is the answer you’ve been looking for!

Through structured, customised programs to suit your goals and needs, personal Training is what will see you getting the results you’re wanting – fast!